Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sam Winchester is becoming an angel.

Yeah. I thought by now it would be obvious to my Supernatural friends...but maybe I'm wrong. I had the episodes saved on my computer, but unfortunately my brother deleted the files (probably to make room for his WoW mods). So I'm unable to go through the episodes and list all the reasons (which I think began at "Trial and Error") but I do remember the biggest telltale sign of angelification was on S08 E19 towards the end; after the encounter with Naomi and Crowley. Sam's hand and arm turn white...which is the essence that every angel seems to emit. I saw the previews for the next episode ("The Great Escapist") in which Dean makes Sam a nice bowl of "kitchen sink stew", but Sam isn't hungry and hasn't eaten in three days. So far as I know, angels don't eat, sleep, or drink. Perhaps this is another symptom. If this is the case and Sam really is becoming an angel, I hope Castiel will show him the ropes (and Sams junk remains intact)!


  1. I agree and you are the only person I could find even mentioning it. I just got done watching this weeks episode and I'm pretty sure, as in, 95-99% sure that Sam is becoming an Angel.

    1. Hey Christine,

      I was beginning to doubt myself, because it was just a guess that came after the episode where Sam killed the hell hound, but then it morphed into an educated guess, then I was sure after seeing the white light. But some of my friends who also watch the show didn't think so, and I wasn't able to find anything online. Now Sam's remembering things that happened when he was 2 years old with crystal clarity? Sounds like another symptom! I just wonder what will happen to Dean. Also, didn't Metatron mention to Dean the consequences of closing the gates of hell? As in, where do all the evil people in the world go when they die? Perhaps they'll go to Purgatory...
      Side question for you: Do you think the "demon" they'll save will be Meg? I can't think of anyone more worthy. My friend thinks it's going to be Crowley, but she's enamored with him so it's a biased speculation ;)